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It does not seem to be a natively supported feature so I was wondering if anyone had an idea how to add DMX control to Firmata.  On the http://firmata.org/wiki/Download (at the bottom) there is a DMX Firmware listed,  I believe the same one that is listed here http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=39333.0 but I can not get it to work.  I am not sure how to trigger the commands.

I was thinking it would look something like, you could assign a pin on the arduino board to a dmx channel, or something like that.  I have tried but Firmata is still over my head and I am not sure how to add libraries to it.  Thanks


I am assuming you would like to add a command to  Standard Firmata  for DMX. If that is true, I can try to point you to code that may help.
The first step is to try the example provided in the DMXSimple library or writing a simple sketch on your own using the library. If that works as expected you can then go on to Firmata.
PyMata, ( https://github.com/MrYsLab/PyMata ), has a sketch that adds support for the Tone library. The sketch is called NotSoStandardFirmata and is located in the ArduinoSketch folder of the project. It also contains a Python based Firmata client that has the accompanying driver to use the added command.  If you look for the play_tone command in pymata.py (in the PyMata folder) you will see an example of how that is accomplished.

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