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Hello folks,

I have problems to connect to the EasyVR Shield Board through the pc (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10963) when using the "UP-Flash update mode".

The PC mode works fine but I need the UP mode too...

After setting the jumper for the UP mode and connecting with the ubs/rs232 adapter the red led is shinning while the green led keeps dark.
Now I started the VR Commander and presses the "Connect" button. I get the following message "Could not detect device connected to port "COM4" "

I've checked already the /XM Pin, about 2,8V thats ok according to the vr manual.

Only the  tx-led of the usb/rs232 adapter is flashing after pressing the "Connect" Button in the VR Commander.
The dark rx-led signalizes me that the usb/rs232 adapter is getting no response from the easyvr shield board.

Can someone help me out?


I'm having similar issues.  Anyone ever respond?


We need more info.  Like, why are you putting it in "UP" mode.  The manual says you don't need to "connect" with VR Commander.  That's your first mistake. 

What, specifically, are you trying to do?

The only reason why you should be putting the shield in "UP" mode (Update) is if your installing a new version of the firmware, or uploading new sound tables to the shield.


I am having this exact same problem. Can't connect in UP mode. I am in fact, trying to download new sound tables. Anyone figure this out? I've tried this on the UNO R3 and the decimella. Same result. No probs in PC mode, but cannot connect in UP mode.


connect your easyvr to arduino in adapter mode
then if you have easyvr shield you set the jumper to flash mode
then power on the module
open easyvr commander.
do not press connect.. now you are in boot mode.  you can see update sound table highlighted..now you can add the soundtable or update the firmware


        i think i found a fix to this problem with the EasyVR 2.0 shield.

*To use the shield in adapter mode [updating firmware or soundTables]:

-Set the jumper on the EasyVR shield to SW
-Inside the arduino IDE, upload the sketch(attached below  ...**empty sketch with setup and loop) to your arduino
-Unplug your microcontroller and set the jumper on the EasyVR shield to UP
-Re-connect to your computer and run EasyVR Commander as Administrator
-Do whatever you wanted to do [firmware update or soundtable download]
-NB: Do not press the "connect button" inside EasyVR Commander (no connection required)

*To use the shield in bridge mode [add commands / train commands]

-Set the jumper on the EasyVR shield to SW
-Inside the arduino IDE, upload the "EasyVRBridge" sketch (found in the examples when you install the EasyVR library) to your arduino
-With the jumper still set to SW, run EasyVR Commander as Administrator, choose the correct "com port" and hit "Connect"
-NB: It will take a while to load........................DONE !!!

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