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Bummer, we are not close to you. However, I am looking to involve high schools, universities and colleges in getting the word out about Arduino and have them host our meetings or hackfests/learning sessions in 2013. Let's take Arduino.MN on the road! :) If there's an educational institution that is near you and might be interested in hosting an Arduino event on a weekend or some other time during the week, I would like to speak with them. My contact information is at http://arduino.mn


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Thread bump!

I am located in Mankato, MN. I am really interested in learning.

Contact info?



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So what's up MinnesotaEE in Mankato? I haven't been there since maybe 2009. The state university is pretty large. Was there used to be a tech company called Blue Earth technology or something? I bought some scrap circuit boards with their name on it. Took a few parts out of each board.


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Hi liudr,

I am unaware of Blue Earth Technology.

Where are you located? I am interested in the Arduino club, but it's a 3 hour commute for me. How's the turn out & do you know what the time extends to? -I noticed it doesn't start until 6 P.M.

Yes, I will be attending the University come September. Unfortunately, the grad rate is pretty low, so I am looking at another school to complete the last 2 years of my degree. The U of M is relatively expensive. I may look into NDSU.

I have only completed the required general education classes, so electronics are "new" to me. However, I've been hanging around the forums for the past few years, so I'm not totally lost:)

Someone blow my mind.

I'm here to learn!:P
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If you are interested in EE major, you have certainly skipped an option: Mankato,->U of M->???->NDSU. What's that town between the Twin cities and Fargo/Moorhead? ;)

I never was able to make it to the events. I am 3 hours round trip as well.

Most 1xx-2xx level electronics courses are not very interesting. You do circuit analysis on paper over and over, then breadboard circuits a lot. What arduino brings to the table is sensors and actuators and all the programming that makes a few separate pieces electronics into a system that does something. You will have to wait until 3xx level to get some similar enjoyment out of your formal ECE coursework, unfortunately. If you like Arduino, take plenty of programming courses. You might want to consider computer engineering, which is a major within most ECE departments. BTW, I don't know about electronics industry in ND but there are companies in the Twin Cities. It probably won't matter to hiring managers whether you get a degree in state or out of state but I imagine you get a bigger alumni network in Minnesota if you attend a school in Minnesota. Minnesota used to be the center of semiconductors before the silly-con valley. The next place with some EE work may be many states away, in all directions :)

Regarding the Blue Earth company, the boards dated back around 199x so maybe that company was long gone and their assets were sold and eventually made their ways to surplus stores such as Axeman surplus, which is where I picked up a few.

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