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about 2 years I had raised a ?n of whether we have an Arduino Club here in the twin cities area.  We had a few people reply to that thread indicating that they have the interest in being part of the club if someone were to start one.  I looked for that thread to re-incarnate it and was able to find it. But, could not reply to that post. Not sure of that is locked down or what.

anyways, did anyone end up creating a club here ?

thanks all



I don't know of an Arduino club but I do know there is a group called TC Makers with a Hack Factory in SE Minneapolis. I haven't been part of the group for a while but I'm thinking about signing up again. They are actually going to have an Arduino class today and another on the 15th. Check them out here;


Maybe I'll see you there.



Can everybody just first update their location first to indicate that we are all in the right state?!

I know a few forum ID's that are in the Twin Cities. There should be more with all the schools on Snelling but it's hard to bump into anyone even on the forum that's in the area. I read about TC Makers. I know there is another similar group. I can't remember if TC Makers is leaning more towards technology or arts compared with the other group. Care to share some comments about this group?


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YES! There is a local Arduino Group here in the Twin Cities. I'm one of the organizers and we have been running it since last June. Details can be found at:


We meet the first thursday of each month, both for networking and presentations. We also have hackfests every quarter. Hope to see you at our next meeting on January 3rd, 2013.

Additionally, join our discussion at:



Awesome! Too bad I'm more than one hour away and my Thursdays are mostly pretty busy.

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