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Hey Guys,

recently put together a 7x7 led array with 4 TLC5940 chips in a daisy chain.

each TLC5940 has 14 leds attached to it (the last one has 7)

it seems to be mostly working. however for some reason the first TLC5940 is not doing anything?

eg, if i upload a code that lights up the led on pin1 (supposed to be led1 attached to pin1 of the first TLC5940 in the chain)
it will light up led15 (pin1 on the 2nd tlc5940).

its like the arduino is skipping the first 14 leds in my matrix.

Im suspecting that it might be something accidentally bridged? been troubleshooting for a while now, just wanted some pointers or suggestions on things to try.
any help is much appreciated.


Hi dom_christo,
We will need a schematic of how you have wired it up and your code to see where the problem lies.
Don't PM me for help as I will ignore it.

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