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Ok.....I must've missed that on the datasheet....

I'm going to open up the rats nest  (I have it all in an enclosure)

I'm going to replace the R's now...


Ok I have replaced the 10K's with 33 K's I had.....feel much better....the Matrices that would work were very bright......

so I closed it all back up....now the first matrix lights up totally..

the second matrix = Row 2 is only lit up...matrix 3 and 4 = nothing

I'll try and paste my code here....

I may have to shrink it down some....

I'm going to start trying to get the matrices working....

My LCD , LEDs, Buttons all work fine,....



Do me a favor.

make these 2 changes
Code: [Select]

 // *******************Initialize the LCD**************//
/*  comment out the LCD and all the delays as a test
 lcd.begin(40, 2);

Code: [Select]

   lcd.setCursor(0, 1);
   lcd.print("<-- Down Control        Clock:");

*/   end of commenting out LCD setup code
 void loop ()
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