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hello I recently saw this instructable http://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Use-a-Nokia-Color-LCD/#step1
He used a nokia 2600 9bit spi lcd with arduino, I have a similar lcd for nokia 2600c/1680/1680c I slightly modified hid code to work with my lcd (minor commands) then the hardware is his lcd has pinout of data clock and chip-select, my lcd has miso mosi clock and chip select how do I connect mine ? I can't use hardware spi as it is only 8 bits while I need nine as his asembly code, please help.


Read the datasheet for sure. but clock is clock, data is mosi and cs is cs.


I know clock is clock cs is cs but data is bi-directional while mosi is only to the slave(LCD) ok both are spi but I think different types. The lcds are nokia so they don't have a datasheet only the controller has (PCF8833 for nokia 2600 instructable and SPFD54124B for my nokia 1680 lcd). If I'm right about the data being bi-directional and the mosi being uni directional then is there a way to combine miso and mosi to form data(perhaps with transistors similar as this picture: http://www.instructables.com/files/deriv/FYM/8BM8/GINORGEW/FYM8BM8GINORGEW.LARGE.jpg)?


I have yet to see a serial nokia lcd that can have data-output - you can confirm that by reading the controller's datasheet.

If yours is indeed one of those beasts that output data, you can deal with that in a software spi.

If you have to use hardware spi, put a resistor inbetween your mosi and the lcd's data pin, and then connect the spi's miso to the lcd's data pin directly - that's how you deal with a sdio pin (serial input / output pin).

But before you waste all that energy, read the datasheet.


there is a command called getPixel(x,y); that returns the color of the specified location of a pixel so there definitely is data comming from the lcd, I've read the datasheets for the controllers(IC on board of the lcd module) and there is no datasheets for the lcd modules. I can't use hardware spi as it is 8bit and I need 9bits so i use software spi in assembly in the instructable. Can you look at the code in the instructable and tell me how to modify it to use mosi and miso pins as I didn't understand how. I still have to make a pcb for a female connector that the lcd will hook on so I can connect it to the arduino.


there definitely is data comming from the lcd

If there is, I didn't see it.

The basic structure of the code is built on color_lcd.c. It uses software spi to send command / data to the lcd. The ports and pins are hard-coded in color_lcd.c (portd.5..7) - not the best of decisions.

color_lcd_menu / color_lcd_text uses color_lcd to operate the lcd.

So if you want to port it, focus on porting color_lcd.c and you are golden after that.

Tom Carpenter

This might seem daft, but that LCD appears to be one of those which is compatible with the Nokia6100 display.

In which case the library I wrote for the 6100 should work with this display:



Thanks Mr.Carpenter, but my lcd is 128*160 pixels and your library supports only 128*128, suggest a modification or add it to your drivers list pls,thx

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