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hey guys

i need some help

i am total n00b at electronics - i need help from 1337's like your selfs

honestly i did like 1 year in college and dropped out, thats my electronics knowledge

i can barely program (just enough to get by on arduino)

but i need the flexability of having different chips (like smaller ones ect) AVR's will let me have this

so questions:
1. is there like a AVR alternative to arduino (i know the arduino is an avr... i want like a little plug a play board like the UNO ect for AVR's that takes 2 seconds to get going)

2. all i have seen so far the programming looks uber complicated - is there a AVR IDE that is similar to the arduino one?

3. is is harder than arduino to learn and get by on... do i need to have a degree in EE to know and understand AVR's basically

I want something like arduino where it takes 5 mins to set up and its nice and simple and what not

what is more like arduino experiences, PIC or AVR

get me?



You don't want anything more complicated than an Arduino, but you can't use an Ardunio.  What seems missing in this picture?
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the arduino system has different cores for different avr's, I am currently using a attiny 84, with arduino software



Ste. Hughes,

basically you're out of luck. For all this microprocessor business, you will need a little knowledge about electricity and programming, no matter what system you take, be it Arduino or Pic or Texas Instruments MSP430. And it my opinion, it doesn't get more simple than with the Arduino, just different. If you have a stronger knowledge in another language than C, other options might be more comfortable to you, but just as complex.



Hi guys

i can program - just it takes me ages due to lack of the skillz

if the at tiny thing lets me use arduino software like an arduino its bloody ideal!

i want baby arduino's - if arduino see this your system is brilliant, but smaller projects do not need 19 IO pins or w/e

i want to make a counter i only require a button and LED and i have uber tiny space to put it into so the attiny series looks good

thank you muchly - you are the pro's


If you are looking for Arduino support on other AVR chips including smaller ones and bigger ones check out my web page at




thats awesome mark  8-)

thanks dude

next question, where on earth does one buy these IC's in the uk? bitsbox/oomlout/cool components :-/ do not have them


Digikey, farnell, Rs components, mouser.


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Don't forget Ebay..

You can get a AT328 with Arduino bootloader for $5 shipped (china), and even the Anarduino (minimalist Arduino w/ICSP, no USB) for about $10 shipped (USA I think)....  As for the rest, like the attiny, just search Ebay for 'em, they end up being in the Industrial Supplies "section".  

As always, if you order from China or Tiawan, be prepared to wait a shile for shipping... like weeks...

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