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what arduino IDE version are you using? 1.0.1?
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Yes I am using 1.0.1 IDE


This one wouldn't blink the LED:

Code: [Select]

void setup()
  pinMode (13,OUTPUT);
void loop()
  digitalWrite (13,LOW);
delay (500);

The first semicolon is wrong here:

Code: [Select]

  if(wait > 100);
  wait = wait - 100;
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If you can build and up load a sketch then Java is not your problem!.

It looks like you have done something to you ATMega238 chip.

What other things did you do since you last had things working! Eg added some hardware you have now removed?



Thanks I will edit the code. No MY arduino was Shipped into the store Brand new the day I got it. I started to upload stuff and thats it.


As I have stated the "sketch" operates then the built in LED starts flashing faster than its supposed to, then the TX and RX LEDs start flashing at the same time, after that the LEDs stop flashing. But The arduino on LED stays on. No errors in the "output".

When you upload the standard example sketches such as 'blink', and your modified sketch that simply turns the LED off, does each sketch initially do what you expect for that sketch? In other words, have you proven beyond any possible doubt that you are actually uploading and running the sketches that you think you are?

How long does the sketch run as expected before you see those other symptoms? What is connected to the Arduino - list absolutely everything, including the USB cable (if you have one) and whatever is connected to the far end of it. If it's connected to a PC, do you have any mobile phone manager applications or other media manager applications installed on the PC? Some of these routinely scan serial ports looking for connected devices, and might be upsetting the Arduino.


Would it be easier to just return the arduino to the store for a new one?


Well thanks to all. I solved my arduino Uno R3 problem  :D. My arduino uno had some memory trouble but I fixed it. Thanks

Diod  :).

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