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Do you hane a picture, my valves use
NPT sizes.


These are the Valves I ordered from Ebay,  They  have male 1/2"-14 tpi  straight thread fittings.



I've decided to build this Hydroponic Controller. I've already ordered many parts but I have one question : what is the use of this valve (Pressure Solar Water Heater Dedicated 12V Solenoid Valve) ? This project seems to be very nice.

Thank you very much


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@ lolocaledo
Hello- To answer your question directly, the solenoid valve is used to replenish the potable water in the hydroponic nutrient or aquaponic nutrient  tank. I am trying this valve as I have tried toilet tank valves in the past and they always fail at the worst time, or just fail and waste your money by flushing all of your nutrients out on the ground.

I too am building this project, started mine about 2 weeks ago, most of my parts are in from china and Hong Kong. Still missing a few. I attempted to build a PH controller using the practical maker arduaruim PH board a few years back. It did not work as the PH board can not be calibrated to span the PH range needed for plants. I was not aware of the Phidgets board at the time. (THANK YOU BILLIE!!)
I grow salad greens in plastic beer cups filled with small lava chips placed in PVC pipe similar to what Billie uses.

One of the pitfalls I have found with this build  is the additional code libraries needed have various and sundry names, and some have been updated and called a different name or obsoleted . I managed to sift the pearls from the shit and now have  Billie's latest code release compiling and loading on my mega. I want to get Billie's build working first , and then later add an  EC measurement to fully automate the system.  I currently use an BlueLab Truncheon for my EC reading now.

Where on the planet are you?   .nc  North Carolina?

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Does anyone else run into issues when connecting the tft sheild pins to the MEGA? I am trying to use less cable, and when I connect the 20 pins to their respective slots on the MEGA and screen displays the image, but the code and the screen do not work at all. Which pins are we supposed to connect to?

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