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Hi Billie,

Thanks for the quick reply :-)

Is the pH Meter all the time into the water to measure the pH?

I had some information which sad that letting the ph probe all the time in the liquid will cause damage?

Perhaps this is wrong I only want to confirm it.

The pH probe is constantly in the nutrient tank. I haven't seen no degradation on the probe...

And second question : basically I only need one ph Probe and two peristaltic Pumps to setup a pH measure and adjustment station?
I have a Arduino UNO Board with max. 5V on the Digital Output with max. 30mA

I think you will be able to get that on the Uno. I don't have one, but since you are not using the TFT display and touch I think it will work...

I have found those two things now: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Free-shipping-6V-DC-DIY-Dosing-pump-Peristaltic-dosing-Head-For-Aquarium-Lab-Analytical-water/1003369174.html

Those look ok to me. Another tip: When using silicone tubing (as in your pump) you have to use nitric acid instead of sulfuric acid. Because the latter will corrode the silicone tubing ;)

Do I can connect them directly to the board or do I need a extra power supply ?
No don't connect the pumps directly to the Arduino. You'll need a relay for that...Something like this one --> http://www.benl.ebay.be/itm/2-Kanal-5V-Relay-Relais-Module-Modul-fur-Arduino-PIC-DSP-PLC-TTL-/190698140291?pt=Elektromechanische_Bauelemente&hash=item2c667eb283

And as I have rad you divided the code so I can just take the part that fits?
Yes, it is modular, but you still need to think and debug for yourself ;)

And last but not least  :smiley-mr-green: : Why do you use a DC 9V plug for your arduino ? I thought 5V is max


The Arduino needs a power supply with a minimum of 6V and a maximum of 12V. So 9V is just in between ;)


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So another Time thanks for the reply

The relay inbetween the digital Output and the Pumps is only for the higher current right?

The 6V aren't still not supplied by the relay I think?

But anyway the pumps should also work without 6V , so 5V should be just fine you think?

The next few days I will look for a ph connection shield for the arduino and show it to you here in this thread to get the right piece :)

BTW Wehre did you geht your pH shield to connect to Probe from? I also live in Europe , ans the Shopping Costs from the States are really High

Thanks a lot in advance you are rellay helping me out a lot



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The relay should have it's own power supply. Both grounds from the Arduino and the power supply from the relay should be connected. You can run the relay with the power from the Arduino, but the pH shield is so sensitive that the on/off action from the relay messes the measurements from the pH shield. Also the peristaltic pumps need their own power supply because they need more current then the Arduino can deliver...
So in total you would need three power supplies -->1x 5V (relay); 1x 9V (Arduino); 1x 12V (Peristaltic pumps)
I bought my Phidgets 1130 in Germany last year. Because of the soccer world cup (or something) the owner of the shop would send it free of charge :D


Why not 6V for the pumps ?

6V power supplie can deliver 2 x times 6V or not?

12V could destroy the pumps or do I think wrong?

So basically i only have to care about the voltage the power supply can deliver ? Not about the current ?


My pumps where 12V, so that's why i needed a 12V power supply.
The relay and Arduino need two separate power supplies because when the relay switches on/off then a tiny current goes back to the Arduino and disrupts the pH reading the Phidgets 1130 makes...You'll see ;)

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