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Thank you for the interesting input :)
The temp/humidity sensor is mounted on the side of the controller, which isn't the best solution...But this is a prototype so I knew there would be problems I would run in to...

Yesterday I made a new movie inside the greenhouse. The plants are growing wild at the moment... Harvested about two kilo's of Jalapeno's and there are more to follow ;)


With kind regards,



This forum needs like buttons on posts. Verdant job there, Bill.
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Thanks! :D
I agree! I've also seen some great projects out there which deserve a thumbs up ;)
Edit: Just found out that there's a system like that on this forum. There's a button/link beneath your avatar that called Karma... Press on it and it's like a 'thumbs up' ;)


Its pretty awesome!
And the PH reader is really accessible, I had trouble finding one when I was doing something similar.

Great work!


Any chance we could get the code on github or such?

I'm looking to build something similar for an NFT system... wouldn't mind documenting as I go and compiling the hardware lists that are thru-out this thread if we had a repo to save it all somewhere.

nice job, !



Its pretty awesome!
And the PH reader is really accessible, I had trouble finding one when I was doing something similar.

Great work!

Thanks! :)

Any chance we could get the code on github or such?

It already is on github --> link ;)


Hello Billie

Thanks for your reply on PM
As asked, I'll switch to the forum.
I'll be ordering the hardware today.
Question - is this what I need?


And my second question - will this board allow me to expand to an internet and/or SMS (cellphone text) connectivity at some time in the future ?

Thanks in advance, apologies on basic questions as I'm a complete beginner at this



The kit is ok, but there's a chance that the sd reader doesn't work. You'll have to ask the seller.
Network functionality will be a problem because of conflicting pins ( ie pin 10 & 4) between the ethernet card and the tft shield... You could try and resolder some pins and try to recode everything, but that's beyond my expertise. Another option is to use a seperate arduino to connect to the network ;)

Let me know how your build continues...


Ah, OK, glad I asked you first Billie :-)

Can you suggest a bundled kit of components that would be suitable for your software (Arduino + Touch Screen Display + SD Card Reader)?

I found this on e-bay too....


and this....


And as you mentioned it, it may be that my application does not require the SD Card Module.... have you found being able to store and replay the data is of value, particulalarly for a non-experimenter like me?

And yes, as a future add on, a dedicated Arduino Ethernet shield would be a much more flexible solution.

Thanks again !


Ah, OK, glad I asked you first Billie :-)

Can you suggest a bundled kit of components that would be suitable for your software (Arduino + Touch Screen Display + SD Card Reader?

I can only advise you the parts I used, because that's what I got. But if you are willing to forfait the sd card, then the kit will do ;)


Hi Billie,

great work. I was wondering if you ever consider an RFM12B to talk to a Raspbbery PI. A little like it works with openenergymonitor.
I've ordered a kit from sainsmart in order to make a setup like yours, and gonna try to integrate with emoncms or something like it, so it's possible to check what's happening via web. This would allow a graphical logging solution and interface with SMS gateways in order to receive alarms if something goes wrong. Second step would be to control (adjust) the system from a webpage so one doesn't have to be onsite to make an important change if needed.

If someone wants to participate or have interesting ideas to complement just let me know.

-----> Waiting by the door for my kit to arrive  :smiley-roll:




Never used a Pi or an RFM12B before, but am working on a 'networked' version... I'm currently busy developing a PCB so all parts fit together as a shield...
Access through the Internet is the next logical step. ;)

With kind regards


Hi Billie,

Very very interesting project you've got here.
I'm also working on one of my own, to control EC, PH and measure humidity and temperature.

I'm trying to test your code, so i'm using arduino 1.0, all the libraries needed (including eeprom and extended eeprom) but i'm facing the same problem DerekPDX had (posted on 30th january).

Do you have an idea about how i can manage this issue?

Many thanks



I've figured out why you get the error.
There's been a couple of changes in the library...The current version uses EEPROMEx.h as filename whereas the old library used EEPROMex.h. Change that in the code (#include <EEPROMEx.h>) and the first compile errors disappear.
Next you'll have to edit the EEPROMEx.h file...Change #include <EEPROM.h> into #include <avr\EEPROM.h> and this makes the rest of the compile errors go away...
There's also an #include <avr/EEPROM.h>, but I think this is an error and should be #include <avr\EEPROM.h>. If anyone can collaborate?


Hi Billie,

so I got my sainsmart kit today (the one with the mega2560, the tft shield and the tft itself.

First of all (and after paying more money for customs and customs service that for the kit+shipping itself) I was quite pleased with the overall quality of the product.

I also stumble in that problem with EEPROM.h. What I did was to remove the line that includes EEPROM.h inside the EEPROMEx.h. It was a matter of error/try so I can't have any valid input on why it works (maybe I'll get to that latter If I have the time to do further testing).

I can also confirm that the SDcard slot on the sainsmart TFT works "out of the box" with your sketch, so cheers for the sainsmart guys.

I'm going to setup some probes and make some lab tests in order to get everything working before I'll go live.

The only issue I have is sometimes the "buttons" don't work. Then I wait 10 seconds and try again. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't and I have to wait a bit more. It's very strange. It happens for instance on pH Settings page 2 with the back button (lower left) and soothing ON/OFF button. Is there something you experienced yourself?

best regards,

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