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Hey all i have the following 5v relay board:

Please ignore the light bulb hook up. That was an example on the website that had the same relay :)

And i am looking to hook one of the relays up to a monetary switch:

Now this is what i am guessing is the way i connect the switch to the relay board:

Connecting the ground to both the left connector pads on the switch and shorting them together "presses" the button. I just want to make sure the hookup i have drawn there is the way it should be connected to that relay board?

So when i apply 5v to the pin 1 on the relay board (Arduino Digital pin 3 goes high) it will close the circuit in relay 1 which will act as if i "pressed" the button?


Do not connect the ground as it bypasses any isolation the relay gives you.


What would you suggest then, Grumpy_Mike?


Just as you had it but don't connect the ground.
Essentially your push button is shorting out the relay contacts which I gather is what you want.
Be careful about the current as normally relay contacts can handle more than push buttons so you need a button that can handle the current you are expecting the relay to switch.


Essentially your push button is shorting out the relay contacts which I gather is what you want.

If I  understood correctly, it's the other way round - the relay is shorting out the switch contacts to allow the Arduino to simulate the button being pressed.
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Got it working by hooking it up via the common/normally open connections.



i saw this module but all the documentation i can find tells not much.
What i want to know is if i open the jumper and feed it with a supply if
both sides are really isolated.
Or is the Arduino ground always connected to the relay side?

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