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Topic: upload Arduino code to DUE device without Arduino neither bossa (Read 117 times) previous topic - next topic



I need to find a way to upload code generated from Arduino IDE. The code generated from IDE is an HEX or BIN file I guess.
However I'd like not using Arduino IDE neither bossac.
Do you know some methods to do it? I already found stuff on Atmel-ICE device. Is this the way to go?

Thanks for all kind of infos.


Hello davideIO,

You can upload the .bin file (generated by Arduino IDE) to Due using SAM-BA via USB native. Execute Boot from Flash (GPNVM1) script. Remember to erase-reset Due before programming. You also will need to reboot Due for the program to run. You can download latest version of SAM-BA here:

Atmel SAM-BA In-system Programmer



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