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Hi all and seasons greetings.
I have a question regarding Mozzi synthesis library and using TFTs.
I want to write a simple program that plays sounds according to presses on a 3.2" TFT screen using an SSD1289 TFT ( the one with the sd card slot) and the Mozzi library. When I try to combine the two libraries together though, I get no sound from pin 11 ( I am using a MEGA2560 board with a shield for the TFT from seeedstudio.)
The Mozzi library uses pin 11 as the sound output which is from Timer 1A.

I have got graphics and sound from Mozzi working. In other words, the Screen displays a pattern of lines and Mozzi plays the FM synthesis example BUT!

It appears that whenever I put anything in the loop(){} before of after the audiohook() command, Mozzi doesn't output sound. So I tried putting the code to display the lines in the "UpdateControl" function used by Mozzi. This allowed output of sound but on every screen refresh, Mozzi slowed right down by pausing on the note being generated until the screen was refreshed.
PLease I would like to know if anyone has tried using Mozzi with a TFT or if they know how to use Mozzi with external peripherals...

Thanks folks.

Smooberry Dooberry.

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