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I got a 12 volt relay from radio shack. here is the data sheet http://datasheet.octopart.com/R40-11D2-12-NTE-Electronics-datasheet-55584.pdf
I am trying to figure out if this relay could generate AC  (I understand the frequency would be limited to the relay's switch time. )
essentially I am trying to make a H-bridge.

I don't know if the data sheet says but this relay has 2, three pole switches
(I think it is double pole double throw)

thank you for your help.

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H-bridges are just four switches. And relays are switches so you can build a h-bridge out of relays.

Whether they will do a good job at that is a different question.


can a  double pole double throw relay be used to make an h-bridge?
All of my projects --> http://www.frankmagazu.com/


No, you need 2 single pole double throw relays to make an H-bridge that gives you forward, reverse and stop states.
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can a  double pole double throw relay be used to make an h-bridge?

Absolutely. Connect the load between the poles and the throws to power / ground.


can a  double pole double throw relay be used to make an h-bridge?

See this link for a circuit:-


Building your own H bridges is great to learn about them, but in an application if space is an issue - you're probably better off using an H bridge IC such as the LMD18200 or L298 as these have features such as overcurrent / overtemp protection, seperate enable functions, internal clamp diodes etc.

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