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Hi guys, this is my first post. I need you guidance to finish my final project collage.

My project: I want to make a vehicle tracking using GSM/GPRS/GPS shield + Uno.
( http://www.dfrobot.com/wiki/index.php?title=GPS/GPRS/GSM_Module_V2.0_(SKU:TEL0051) )

My goal: Web-application can show the location of vehicle/device using Google maps

where I'm now:
1. I already know how to activate the GSM and GPS function based on link above.
2. I already get how to connect GPRS and sending information using terminal with AT commands.

My Questions & Problems:
1. This is my first project using "hardware/arduino" things.
2. My basic is Java programming, so I'm not familiar with C
3. Is there suggestion what should I do to activate the GSM and GPS in the same time?
4. How come I show the location by Google maps?
5. Is there any reference to learn C that directly related to my project?

any suggestion for what I should do next is really appreciated.
is there any information that you need to answer my questions, just ask, I will try to provide.thanks :)


A quick search on Google delivered a C programming tutorial. If you're experience in Java, learning C is not that difficult. The biggest problem starting on Arduino usually is, that on a microcontroller you cannot waste memory like you tend to do in Java, you have to keep track of every byte used, you have only about 2000 of them.


Then start with the easy thing, like blinking an LED, then try that without using the delay() function. Later get familiar with reading the GPS module and interpreting the values. Then try to send these values to a server.
In the end you must get familiar with web programming (HTML, JavaScript and the like) to program a web interface with Google Maps.

Most important: don't expect us to do your job.



pylon : thanks for your advice now I'm trying to applying your suggestions.

florinc : thanks for the link bro..




adversedeviant : Thanks for that useful site dude..

Guys, my next question is how can I show the Gmaps on my web based application? any refference? thanks


Guys, my next question is how can I show the Gmaps on my web based application? any refference?

You know how to use Google to search the web, do you?



pylon: ok, let's make it clear,, I mean, where should my hardware sent the coordinate data and how the way my web-based app take the data and render-it into Gmaps..


I mean, where should my hardware sent the coordinate data and how the way my web-based app take the data and render-it into Gmaps.

Do I get that correctly: You want us to do the web application for you? The Google Maps API documentation tells you how you could integrate Google Maps into your web application, there are thousands of tutorials on the Internet how to create a web application with all the toolkits and frameworks available. This forum is not a programming service, it will help you if you have a problem but you have to do the work.


  I've been working on a similar project intended to provide vehicle location capability for rural transit systems-  http://humblehackers.wikispaces.com/Rural+Transit+Vehicle+Tracking+Device
  I can tell you what I've gathered so far...
  I've been using a shield called the TRAlog by Rocketscream-
  The shield combines a Sierra Wireless WISMO228 GSM-GPRS module, a Globalsat EB-3531 GPS module and an SD Card on one shield so its perfect for vehicle tracking applications.  After an extended hiatus from working on this project, I picked it back up again after the manufacturers released a sample tracking sketch of their own-
  Nevertheless, the code still has some bugs to work out and I have been in contact with the developer to try to work them out.  As far as I know there is no public thread dedicated to TRAlog development but I would be willing to contact the developer to start one if you are interested in participating.  The Github page can be found at https://github.com/rocketscream/TraLog
  As for the web tracking, the TRAlog sketch uses the Web service at www.cosm.com to track the positions ( see the feed here-https://cosm.com/feeds/72776)
  From the Rocketscream blog post-
We created a Cosm feed here which has a latitude and longitude data stream. Without graphical geo location mapping, it would be very hard to visualize the movement of the system. Cosm provides a simple geo-location mapping utility called Trails that can be placed on any regular website. However we found several limitations:

The data points selected from the feeds are spaced out and hence produce jagged way points on the map.
Only the last 24 hours of data is mapped.
But, it gives us a rough idea on how everything would look. We are currently looking into writing a server side script that performs a HTTP GET request on the Cosm feeds and provides a geo-location mapping visualization using Google's mapping API. This will be next in our to do list!

  Even though the code is meant for use on an Arduino Uno, the developer created the code on a Mega using the Hardware Serial port and I'm testing its use with the Arduino Due to take advantage of the 32bit processor.
  One more note about the Web-based mapping.  Have you considered using OpenStreetMap instead?  It might be easier to work with initially and you can download a feed as a KML if you need to use it with Google Maps.


return: do you know how to use gps and gsm together?


roundhouselabs: thanks for that dude, you provide a complete information :), now I'm still in developing the web-application with Gmaps on it..

raltom: not yet. because now I'm focused on web-application


hello friends. I have a problem related to the gsm part of my project. The name of my project is GPS&GSM based on vehicle tracking system. I obtained location informations from GPS module and they are transmitted to computer with ardun?o uno r3 but ? don't know how to operate continous following with gsm software. I am waiting your help.Urgent.


arduino gprs module:  http://www.elecfreaks.com/store/gprsgsm-moduleefcom-pro-efcompro-p-450.html

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