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I'm looking for an acceleration and gyroscope device that just records the the g's and deg/s  .   Basically what i need is to record the readings at IMU gives off in a car as it accelerates and decelerates at different rates(actually if all it does is measure and keep a history of the volts put out as signal during the different rates of acceleration and deceleration, then that would be perfect).  I don't have really any experience with these things so the more pre-fab it is the better, but eventually I will want to hook it up to a device that will just take those signals and depending on the amount of accel or deccel will react in the way i want but for right now i just need some way to know the signals at different levels so i can make my device accordingly


every 6DOF imu will serve you great, just add a SD card for collecting data and here you go. As always, post-processing data is the best idea if you don't have SD space problem, or some reaction to do in real time in response of some input.

Cheap IMU: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10121? (maybe not the cheapest, but this is the "entry point" price)
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