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Was hoping to use two (2) of these sensors and have a few basic wiring questions...

Sensor is Fairchild QRB1134 infrared photoreflector
... tried to attach a data sheet...

My thoughts were to hook up:

(C) COLLECTOR digital input pin and10k pull up resistor to 5V
(E) EMITTER ground
(K) CATHODE ground
(A) ANODE ??? 5V and a resistor (what size?)

Are capacitors a good idea to smooth out the signal? I saw capacitors on a you tube video of an arduino project, again, what size? And what are they hooked up to, orientation, etc.

Appreciate any help from the experts on the forum!



A Google image search for "QRB1134 typical circuit" showed several diagrams.   The Anode resistor value is shown as 220 or 330 ohms.  Some show a capacitor from Collector to Emitter.  One shows the value as 0.1 uF and the other doesn't show a value.
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That is a great staring point, thanks.

Doh... google circuit...


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