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Hello everyone,

Before i purchase a arduino uno I want to know if, what im thinking is easily do able.

Im a keen motorcyclist.

First off i want to create some sort of HUD in my helmet. All i need i think is two 7-seg displays. My bike only goes to 95mph.

so I think I need for starters is a gps shield for a speed sensor

Also I want to be able to send a number of pre determined texts to  maybe one or two numbers. So im thinking a gprs shield with maybe a lcd screen. And some sort of scroll switch to select what message I want, another scroll switch to display the  number I want and a button to send the text.

also could you advance the system by introducing another arduino in the home which would recieve the text message and output a pre-recorded voice file via speaker.


I would be greatful of any other ideas that might be beneficial for a motorcyclist



I'm also a motorcyle rider, and this seems like a dangerous and potentially illegal idea.

I would suggest closely researching the legality of this before going any further.

If it is legal, I would still suggest not doing this.


First off i want to create some sort of HUD in my helmet.

I think there are two main problems with this. On the optical side, you need to provide a screen that presents information in a readable form correctly focused around infinity. This is going to be very hard to do well. Done badly, it would be a dangerous source of distraction and eye strain. On the mechanical side, you need to mount the hardware close to your face without putting anything inside the helmet and without weakening the structure of the helmet by drilling mounting holes. Obviously, if you fitted something that came loose and was flapping around in front of your face, it would be very dangerous. And obviously, whatever you put in front of your eye is going to be smashed into your face in the event of a fall or collision. All the schemes I try to imagine for this are hopelessly dangerous. Maybe you will have better imagination than I do, but to me this project seems fraught with dangers.
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As rogue_wraith and PeterH have stated, this is potentially dangerous project, especially using any type of commonly available LCD for your HUD.  The only types of display that I can think of that wouldn't have most of the drawbacks they already mentioned would be using some sort of holographic projection or thin film display with completely transparent "whitespace" and could be securely glued to the visor.  However, I don't know if commercially available versions of either technology exist, especially in a form useful and affordable for this type of project.  Even if they did it might not solve all the optical complications, and there still is the potential for obstruction and distraction.

I don't know if you should abandon this project, but if you proceed you'll should do a lot of research into non-standard electronic displays and do a lot of prototyping and safety testing (even potentially destructive physical testing) before you even think using this while on a motorcycle on private property, much less a public road.


i may give the HUD a miss.

Though what about automatic texting. Controls would be around the handle bars  within reaching distance of the thumbs as well as the lcd screen to display the predetermined text number.

Im not say im going to text while riding (only when stationary). but its  a pain taking off your gloves or getting into your bag to retrieve your phone to text or make a call. It would be nice to scroll through some selections and send a text to your wife. Could i also get the arduino to send a text if im involved in a crash using some kind of accelerometer interface or excessive lean angle?

Another thing is poor sighting from mirrors on a motorcycle. If i installed a rear camera and maybe a button to activate it when needed, viewed from a small LCD screen around the speed display

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