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My first Arduino arrived today and I have been messing around with it. I have a LCD but everywhere I read, it needs to have male pin headers soldered to it. I don't have a soldering iron at the moment - spent my last few Euro on the kit so it will be a while before I can get one. Is it possible to temporarily use the LCD without soldering it?


I would say no, but I have seen people jam the header into the holes. It is most unsatisfactory though because you do not get a steady connection.


That's frustrating! No display for a while so!


That's frustrating! No display for a while so!

How about going "old school"?

Get a length of broomstick (about a foot long), with one end cut flat. Mark a center point on the end, then use a drill to drill out a hole. Drive a long wood screw into place (tightly), then cut the head off. File the end to a point (doesn't have to be too sharp, btw). Heat the end up on a stove (a gas stove is best), then tin the end with rosin-core solder. Hold it like you would a dagger. The point won't hold the heat long, but it might be good enough to get a few wires soldered. This of course is assuming you have ever soldered before. If you have -never- soldered before, disregard everything above; it will be waaaay too dangerous and messy to try to learn this way...
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