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I wanted to do RFID development, so I bought myself an RFID Evaluation shield 13.6 mHz from sparkfun (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10406).  I soldered male leads into A0 through A8, VIN through RST, RX through D7, and D8 through AREF.  I soldered female leads in holes for the MIFARE module (the center spot with parallel holes).  The only problem is that one set of holes (holes D8 through AREF) are misaligned by about a half hole's width away from holes RX to D7.   :0 Therefore, the sets A0 through A8, VIN through RST, and RX to D7 fit into the breadboard, while holes D8 through AREF fall onto the border.  I've tried bending the male leads (I know, bad practice, but I was desperate) to force them into the holes but it still won't fit.  Any ideas to align the leads?
Was I descriptive enough?  I can provide a picture or illustration if needed.  Thanks.
I should probably also mention the leads are straight.  I checked them over and over again.  Even if they weren't straight, though, they'd have to be at a very odd angle to not go into the breadboard.  :smiley-eek:


Due to a design quirk in the earliest Arduino we are stuck with pins that are not all on 0.1-inch intervals.  The shield is designed to match the Arduino.  Usually you don't use an Arduino (or shield) on a breadboard.

There are offset headers that allow you to build a shield out of .1-inch grid perfboard.
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Great, thank you.  I was starting to wonder if I was going crazy.  =(  I may be a newbie at Arduino, but I ain't stupid!  XD

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