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I am starting this post upon recommendation of Massimo Banzi for channeling the efforts in this forum to contribute to complete the building of the CAN communication protocol interface of the Arduino DUE fully suported by Arduino APIs.

Just as most of you in this forum, I am new with Arduino DUE and with some background in integration, programming, electronics, computing, etc...   .
For the last three years I have been involved in a couple of projects interfacing CAN protocol between PCs and PLCs through gateways. The processors that handled the CAN code were all the same: ATMEL ARM AT91SAM7X256. In the same way as AT91SAM7X256, Arduino DUE's ATSAM3X8E contains a highly integrated peripheral set for connectivity and communication that includes dual CAN. So, I have planned, between sips of coffee, to to my best building the aforementioned interface.

I will start using the following hardware/software tools:

Arduino DUE
SAM3X-EK CAN Demo Sources
SAM3X-EK CAN Demo Binaries
SAM3X-EK Demo Release Notes
AT91SAM CAN Bootloader User Notes
AT91SAM7X256_CAN_tes (666.73 kB) Sourcecodes download (if necessary)


Massimo Banzi


great job. I can create a repository for that library in our github and give you access.
Would that work for you?



Hi Massimo.
Sure thing. Just PM me details. And you are welcome. That's why I love Open Source technology.


ciao! scusate ma io e l'inglese...non andiamo proprio d'accordo xD dopo traduco con Google ;)

...è da tempo che ho in mente di creare un computer di bordo in macchina, ma avendo l'Arduino UNO ho trovato molta confusione su shield che permettevano la connessione al CAN-BUS della macchina...vorrei sapere...dato che nell'Arduino DUE la connessione CAN è gia implementata all'origine...sarà fattibile come progetto??

Grazie a tutti anticipatamente =)


hello! sorry but I and English ... we do not go quite agree xD after I translate with Google;)

has long ... I have in mind to create an on-board computer in the car, but having the Arduino UNO I found a lot of confusion shield that allowed the connection to the CAN bus of the car ... I want to know ... since CAN nell'Arduino DUE that the connection is already implemented as a project source ... it will be feasible?

Thank you all in advance =)

Massimo Banzi

The Arduino Due has a can interface. at the moment the software API is not done yet.

Continue the discussion on the Italian forum.

----- Italiano ----


L'Arduino Due ha l'interfaccia CAN ma mancano le API software. ci stiamo lavorando sopra.

Ti consiglio di postare la domanda sul forum italiano, questo è in inglese e diventa complesso gestire più lingue contemporaneamente


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