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I am trying to power my Arduino DUE board with a LiPo Rider Pro.

Do you think we can switch between battery and USB supply with a LiPo Rider Pro ?

Do you think it's possible to send power supply information from LiPo Rider to Arduino DUE to know if the LiPo Rider is using battery or USB supply ? (Main question)

I mean, If using USB : then charge the battery. Else : Use the battery.
Is it possible to make it work as an Uninterruptible Power Supply ?
How can I say to the board to do this ?

Can we even program this board ??
Or even receive information from it ?

I admit i'm a bit lost with this kind of programing...
Thank you.


The first 2 descriptions I read upon googling "LiPo Rider Pro" suggests you don't have any control over it and won't know which supply is powering your board, it automatically selects an appropriate source. It will also charge the battery for you.


Thank you weird_dave !

Yes, I wasn't sure about all of it...
First because i'm french and sometime it's hard for me to catch the real meaning of the specifications, and also because I'm a begginer with those boards :P


You're welcome :)
I'm impressed with your English.
Some datasheets are terrible, the page for the rider pro is no exception:
The "Pin Definition and Rating" section for example, is very unclear as to what is being specified, and there are no ratings.

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