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I was able to order a DUE today, so I'll join the ranks soon :)

I really appreciate it, that you use both CAN-Transceivers! This will be great for using it as a Gateway!


I have my Due and now it's time to order the transceivers.  I'm going to get both the 234 and 235's.  Which ever ones I don't use in the car I'll use on the work bench.  Thanks for tackling this.


Great for you keija and that_kid. Do as I did: Request a couple of samples of each transceiver to Atmel. I have some sample sketches running OK on my Due, using a combination of Atmel and Arduino library files. The goal is to occupy as much as Arduino files and as less as Atmel files as possible. I also hope to run my first real test these next days interfacing Due with a battery manager system (with XC167CI - by Infineon and AT91SAM7).


I wanted to share another of the tests I am working now with Arduino Due using the CAN shield. The test consists of making Due read CAN data from a commercial OBD II code reader. This will prepare the ground for more tests like convert Due as a OBD2 simulator system generating some DTC codes to be read by the code reader and finally to make Arduino Due read some real DTC codes from my car (Honda-Oddysey 2002) or any other car under OBD2.

As some of you know, ODB II stands for On Board Diagnostics, level 2. OBD II is a federally mandated engine & emissions management standard for all passenger cars sold in 1996 and beyond. ODB II uses CAN bus Dual Wire like Arduino Due (ISO 11898-1/SAE J2284).

For my first test I used an Actron CP9125 pocket scanner (with a 89C71CC01CA microcontroller and TJA1050 CAN transceiver).

Here a the schematic of interconnection between the code reader and Arduino Due and a picture of both systems. So far, Due can read from the reader ID 0x07DF the following data: 02 01 00 99 99 99 99 99 which is a request data to start reading DTC codes. I am very excited exploring CAN protocol in Arduino Due and OBD2 systems. I'd recommend to get ready if you want to embark on this journey.


Excellent news, I'm just waiting on my parts to arrive from mouser.com  I was going to order the engineering samples but I needed some parts so I just went ahead and get it all.  Next stop is to see if my local radio shack has the shield that you are using. 

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