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Hey guys. I'm interested in getting on board with the CAN protocol as well. I've done a lot of low level CAN drivers on the pic24, dspic, and pic32 along with the MCP2551 transceiver at work. I have a DUE coming in next week and just put in my order for TI samples of the two transceivers mentioned earlier in this thread (234 and 235).
What is the scope of this CAN library? I'd be more than willing to work the low level driver stuff and different implementations of it (interrupt based, polling based, different modes).


Hello downtown_sausage and welcome aboard! We are going to need your CAN skills soon. So far I have Due running CAN 2.0A but with a mixed Arduino-Atmel library. I hope to release a couple of simple sample sketches and a tentative CAN library in github very soon. I am following guidelines/advices from the Arduino team and Atmel but everybody is welcome here. The scope: once released the CAN library, we'll need as much people as possible to be involved and contribute with ideas, applications, improvements, fixing bugs, etc... remember, this is the first Arduino board with embedded CAN controllers: just transceivers between the board and real CAN device, so, a new Arduino Art is oncoming and a lot of work to do. Thanks!


Palliser, you might consider doing your development in the open on GitHub, even before you think it's at a good draft stage. No reason we can't start helping you out already!


Thank you peplin again for your interest in help with the CAN API development. Please, have just a little bit of patience. I hope to upload the CAN library and sample sketches on the next days. I am waiting on answers/revisions by Atmel/Arduino. And as I have said, try to build or have ready you own CAN transceivers shield; otherwise, it would be virtually impossible and even dangerous to try any communication test without it.

Like you and other Arduino users, I am more than willing to see a CAN API ready and all the discussion to come.


Palliser, are you developing the base CAN drivers based on Atmel example code at the moment? My plan was to write the CAN drivers from scratch, with different configurations options. After that is up and working, integrate that code into an Arduino library.

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