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I have better news!. Today I got the CAN class from the Atmel engineer. It is a raw class to start with. He really did a great job. Now, instead of ~40 files, we have 4 files. The CAN class (.c,.h) and the transceivers class (.c,.h). It compiles OK (0 errors/0 warnings) with the new IDE 1.5.2. I will be running some tests during this weekend and consulting with Arduino for the releasing in github next week. Thanks you for your patience.


That is good news. I know I'm willing to test. I'm sure plenty of other people are itching to do so as well. No need for too much testing before initial commit to git. The whole point in something like git is to disseminate code. Nobody expects a first commit to be perfect. We're just after something to look at. The sooner we see it, the sooner we get started with testing and modifications.


Another week passes and still nothing in GIT. Hardly the spirit of open source, is it?


The "can" branch is now published on github, currently it's in sync with the upstream "ide-1.5.x" branch.
I would like to thanks Palliser and aethaniel for the work done so far, and all the other that have contributed to this discussion.


Who is interested in development must checkout the "can" branch since its likely to diverge while the CAN library gets developed and the API evolves.
The CAN library is still far from its final shape, a lot of work needs to be done, BTW its public now and I'm excited to see what the community can get out of it.

Finally: thanks you all for your patience, I know that more than two months of wait seems a lot but, believe me, time flies and sometime is very hard to keep up with the amount of inputs coming from this amazing community.


Very exciting, thank you @cmaglie. I'm looking to check out the repo.
Thanks for starting this whole effort and the thread, @Palliser

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