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Pallise, AdderD

I see big progress on CAN library, nice work!
I see that there is also some confusion on how to install the library: can I do some "cleaning"
work on the Arduino repository? Do you want me to merge something?

Or maybe its better to remove the CAN library from the main repository, so you can work autonomously?



Hello Cristian,

Above all, thank you very much for your words and interest to consolidate the Arduino Due CAN API library.
So far, I have been testing both sets of CAN files (AdderD's and mine) and since you have asked, I think it is time for an update. AdderD files should replace my files on Arduino github given that his files are compiling/running OK and they are more high leveled, more automotive-oriented and more user friendly, even though few people have been downloading/working with them. I want to mention that some updates need to be done in the new Arduino IDE 1.5.3 (AdderD and me could PM you about it) that will help making easier the installation of the files. Finally I would like to thank AdderD and you for all the time, effort and support here with the CAN library.

What do you think?



Yeah, go ahead and merge my code in. It seems to be working for a number of people. I'll keep at it when I've got time. There's still plenty to do but as it sits it pretty much works.


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even though few people have been downloading/working with them

Doesn't mean we're not interested though, the board Rockwallaby an I are designing will have one (maybe two) CAN transceivers as standard equipment.

So we're interested in how this goes, just nowhere near ready to use any code yet.

The reason there may only be one xceiver is that one of the CANRX signals clashes with DAC1 so to have both is a pain.

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13 pages on this topic isn't enough :-D

Here is more CAN stuff, as I just discovered this while taking news of OpenXC project: https://github.com/openxc/cantranslator

Maybe this can help you going further.

I don't remember who posted about CanOpenNode project hosted on Sourceforge (http://sourceforge.net/projects/canopennode), but it seems also really interesting for people wanting to move on higher industrial bus (interoperability).

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