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Personally, I thought the setup above was fine. But I read about them and I felt like they would work well because the strike itself includes one, I'm assuming, but then I thought that since it included one it would be pointless for another.

I think the striker has a solenoid (electro-magnetic actuator) rather than a relay (solenoid activated electrical switch).

I think a relay would be superfluous. You would typically use a relay (instead of a transistor) if you needed to control AC voltages.
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Okay, so no relay!

Now that I've got the circuitry down, I'd like to make sure I'm not missing anything. So, my shopping list...

If there's anything I'm overlooking, or if there's a better site to find it on (I'd like to get it all from the same place, but I know that won't happen), please let me know.

@johnwasser and @PaulS, you guys have been a huge help, thank you.

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