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I had the same problem with Itead not sending email updates.  But, after about a week, I emailed them and a couple of days later they sent me the tracking number.  Got the PCBs a week later.  Itead has very good prices, but I still don't have the confidence in them to send all my PCBs to them.  Still use OSH Park for the smaller boards.


Id liek to try that sitopway.com place...

heard good things.. and heard good prices.. just wish thir site was a bit more user friendly.. on how they want things done.. rules/requirements..etc

just like iTead (and Seed) does!!... (but not iTead)  LOL   :P


Submitted my design with Seeed on 2/22. They marked it shipped on 2/28. Received in the mail 3/15.


Just received my iTead boards!  Very happy how they came out, no problems soldering them!
Not worse than OSH Park actually. It took total of 12 business days from submitting to receiving (in US).
For some strange reason I didn't get any silkscreen on the back of the board. I had text there on bNames layer. Anyone knows what could be an issue? I generated Gerber files form Eagle 6.3
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Did you make sure that your CAM file had that layer highlighted when you generated the Gerbers?  I did that once.. 

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