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Looking for info on Itead for PCB prototyping.  I have only used OSH Park and, well, I'm really tired of waiting a month to get the PCB.  Itead is pretty cheap, but I noticed they have a new site for their service and a forum.  People have been posting, but no one is responding to their posts. 

Basically, what are their turn around times?  What shipping service recommendation for the US? 
Care to recommend another Fab company that have turn around times of a couple of weeks to 3 weeks...  With nice quality boards and an option for colors other than lame green...



Itead has expedited shipping service. I read from a post that a member of this forum has used that service and can get the boards in around 10 days. That's pretty good for the price. Seeedstudio.com has similar service, with free slow shipping if you buy $50 or more. I don't notice difference in their qualities on my simple boards. I've used both, both have color options. I also used DorkBotPDX, the predecessor of OSH Park. They are printing in the US and turn around time wasn't great due to small number of users.


Thanks for the advise.

I am going to try Itead and see how they do.  OSH Park, does have really good quality boards and decent price, but the waiting for a month is getting old.


I have used itead for a lot of boards, no  problems. All the green boards here.
colors are available too, I just choose not to pay for that.
Delivery is generally just under 3 weeks to east coast US via inexpensive US Register Air Mail shipping.
10 boards, $9.90, ~$5 shipping. Can get a lot of parts on 5cm x 5cm.
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You have been pretty productive :)
For me shipping from out of the country is always slow since I'm in the middle of nowhere.

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