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I need the DC PowerJack schematic out of the arduino mega eagle file for creating an own shield.

In properties of the part I see its name: POWERSUPPLY_DC-21MM

library: SmartPrj

I cant find that part in eagle itself nor I can find this SmartPrj library to pick the part from.

Can someone help me on what to do?



It's just a standard DC 2.1mm x 5.5mm power jack. Just use a package from another library.

I'm not at the PC at the. Oment so I can't point you at a specific part.


thx for ur reply.

well it has to be exactly the same as the position of the +- connections on the bottom can differ from jack to jack. - i ordered dc jacks exactly like those on the arduino.
But i found the solution: u have to create a library from the arduino schematic by using the exp-project-lib.ulp

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