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Sorry for the very old bump here, but I thought it relevant to post additional information for any future readers.

The voltage divider solution posed above, unfortunately, did not work as expected. I'm not sure why I had thought it was working, but when I moved to a more final build state it was clear that it was not. I had to try something else. I came to the conclusion that the parts I had were simply incompatible, approached the problem in a completely different way, and managed to solve it with confidence.

My solution was to draw the 170V directly and put it through a resistor to get the voltage down to where I needed it in the 'on' state. I then put this through a transistor in order to control it via separate pins. It goes straight to ground from there and completely bypasses the driver ICs for the Nixies. I needed high-voltage transistors, but luckily the Arduinix shield already uses one for this exact purpose internally. I simply got the part number from its spec and ordered those. This has now all been thoroughly tested and confirmed to work properly.

(This method required a lot of extra outputs, so I had to set up a port expander over I2C. But that's beyond the scope of this topic.)

Thanks, all, for the help here. Sorry again for the bump but I hope this helps anyone who comes across the topic in the future.

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