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I'm making my first steps in the world of electronics, so I'm quite a beginner and still don't understand many of the basic concepts.

I was watching the circuit of project 2 and I don't understand what's the purpose of the 10K resistor. What would have happened if the resistor wasn't there?
Could I have also placed the resistor "before" the button, i.e. between the 5v power source and the button?



I haven't seen the project circuit, but you said it was connected to a button, so it's probably a pull-down resistor.


Hi cepa, thanks for you reply.

No need to see the circuit. Let's say I have this: 5v -> button -> 10K resistor -> ground.

As I mentioned in my post, I'm a beginner and I'm not familiar with the term pull-down/pull-up.
So I've googled it, and from what I understand if we didn't have this pull-down resistor, then the current will be "floating" and not stable. We use this resistor only to stable the current?
Could I cause a short circuit if there was no resistor at all?



Your diagram is missing where the connection to the Arduino is.

Your current diagram only shows a button "shorting" the 5V to Ground through the 10K resistor. So yes you will create a short circuit if you ommit the 10K resistor and press the button.

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