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I'm looking for a connector for an ICSP programmer that is not the 6 pin female.  Because that requires a 6 pin male on the other side, and its a lot of board space.  I found a PC-card style "card edge" connector, but its pretty expensive and also has a good sized footprint that needs to protrude out of the board.  I was also thinking of re-purposing a micro-SD connector, but it may not work because the microSD card is thinner then a standard PCB. 

Any other ideas for a 6 circuit connector that is very small and really cheap (preferably just pads) on one side?

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I'm not sure I understand exactly what you are asking for, but if you are wanting to connect 6 wires, one thing you might think of is a RJ-45 connector that is used for ethernet cables.  You can buy the female plugs that you can attach wires to at places like Radio Shack or Home Depot.  For example here is Radio Shack's version: http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2102539#


You could look into JST 1.5mm pitch connector
Surface mount, top or side entry.
Digikey carries them
ZH series

Crimp male pins onto the mating cable to go into a 2x3 housing from pololu.com to plug the ISP cable end  onto.
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To clarify, the ICSP (chip programmer) header is used very rarely on many boards (just a few times to program the chip/fuses), once you give up being footprint compatible with the Arduino. 

I'm trying to make a really simple, cheap, and flat breakout for some AVR chips.  So I'm looking for something that is ideally zero (or pennies) cost on the breakout board side -- for example, SMT pads only cost the extra board real-estate.  But there can be a much more expensive connector on the programmer side like $1 to $2.  Ideally would be nice to support both the "dev" paradigm, where the programmer and breakout are firmly connected, and also "one-shot", where I'm just programming fuses and bootloaders one (for example) and then shipping the board.

@Lakes:  That's really interesting.  Not quite what I want but the idea to bend the pins to make little springs is great idea.  I could to it with a RA connector and trap the breakout board between the programmer's PCB and these pins.  But 2 issues. 1. I'd prefer to buy something pre-bent 2. Even smaller would be better (6 .1" spacing is actually pretty wide).
http://www.toastedcircuits.com Lightuino LED driver: 16 sources, 70 sinks, remote controlled.  Also high powered LED drivers.

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