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Hey all,

I want to ask whether i have a proper connection between, 4 servos, the arduino and its power. Because, i have tried it, but it can't move properly regarding to my command. I use XBEE wireless connection with Labview. if i use it for 2-3 servos, it runs properly , but if >4 servos, it seems that the command cannot go through all servo, it rotating but, sometimes it stuck or disobey the command i gave. is it the power problem or the circuit scheme i made?, thank you, i'm just a noob to this kind of things..
i already attached the image for circuit scheme and labview code.

any suggestion is highly appreciated. Thank you,  :)


You are sharing power between Arduino and servos, so that its reseting when the servos draw lots of current.  This is the single most common problem posted here about servos and motors.
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Oh ok, do you have any solution regarding to this issue?


Check the two links in my signature then buy more batteries and have separate power for the Arduino and the servos - but dont forget the shared ground connection - its all presented in detail in the two links below.

Duane B
Read this
then watch this



Hai DuaneB thanks for your response,

btw now i have successfully powering the servo up to 7 servos (DF05SR 360degree), with the same circuit scheme i posted above, but actually i need to control 10 servos at a time, the other 3 servos are DF15MG (http://www.dfrobot.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=120#.ULNv_odJNX0). These 3 servos when i start to run the whole application is jittering, the other 7 servos is running pretty well. i'm using 4AA 4.8V 2700mAh for powering the arduino and USB connection for powering the arduino. Since this is a wireless application, what is good for powering the arduino instead of a usb connection? And what actually the main problem of the jittering servos?
And is it okay if i power up the arduino with 4AA battery the same as the servo being powered with?

Thank you, i'm sorry if i'm too clueless with this :(


i'm using 4AA 4.8V 2700mAh for powering the arduino and USB connection for powering the arduino.

That doesn't make much scense. you really should power the servos with ~6v instead of ~4.8v for best performance (4.8v is the minimum voltage for most servos). Below is a typical servo wiring setup.

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thanks for the reply and your suggestion,

i will give it a shot today,


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