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Most of the people I know that have built paintball ones have used the following:-


We have the parts to build three of these, which we'll then make some enhancements too for Bluetooth remote control from a smart phone, and automatic position and status reporting to a live game map. As with anything, just need the time to get back on to it.


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I've tried both. The one from http://www.realsentrygun.com/ is a lot better IMO. It's more popular and has been around a lot longer. It tracks better. The accuracy is much better. The target filtering is much better. It's a lot less buggy too. Their system has been used by Valve for their portal turret, by The Discovery Channel, and by channel 5 in the UK. This isn't an arduino vs pololu thing, it's just that the sentry project's software is a lot more developed. It's likely because they've been at it a lot longer.


Where you planning on using ready-made software or create it yourself?

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