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I was wondering if you could use the usb2serial lite as a ISP and if so how would you go about doing it? Thanks for your help lads!

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If the AVR has a bootloader already uploaded then with an USB to Serial adapter like this
you can program your micro controller.
You will also need (most probable) a MAX232 level convertor ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MAX232 ).


Yes you can.
What you end up doing is using some of the IO pins to connect to the SCK, MOSI, MISO, Reset pins, and "bit bang" the SPI interface to install a bootloader, or to install code with no bootloader.
There is a geocities link floating around where 4 pins are added to a Duemilanove to allow connecting the FTDI chip outputs to the ICSP header to do this.

Setup involves quote a few steps, but it does work. I still have my Duemilanove set up for this.
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I do not have any arduino board, I have just an USB to serial cable, the PC and avrdude.

Is there a software that allows avrdude to program directly an empty AVR (without any bootloader preloaded) using the RS232 signals CTS, DSR, DCD, RI as MISO, SCK, MOSI, RESET, respectively?

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