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Nov 09, 2012, 05:57 am Last Edit: Nov 12, 2012, 05:17 am by Shields_Arduino Reason: 1
The Simulator for Arduino has just been upgraded. There are many fixes and while there still some issues such as being able to process one expression over 10 lines, overall the Simulator does well. Lately there have been many error reports about floating point numbers, and this is due to Windows assigning a comma to the decimal symbol - see here

One of the best improvements is the support for LCD which allows any size (within reason) and colour of character LCD screen (using the Liquid Crystal library) to be simulated. The video is coming soon.

Download from here

Webhelp is available from http://arduino.com.au/help/

Oh, and the Free version now has a 14 day period or 100 sketch limit before the 30 second timer kicks in. The days left and sketches left is shown in the status bar on startup.

For the Pro Licence, the price is $12 but there are some coupon discounts (25 coupons in total) if SIM1K is entered on checkout.

Also, a new iOS app Arduino Circuits Simulator was released on 10-Nov but it couldn't even compile int i=2; This app is by Schogini who make other the iOS app which has received 6 one-star reviews, so buyer beware for iPhone Arduino Simulator apps!


I could not able to download. Can you share link


Jan 10, 2014, 11:58 pm Last Edit: Jan 11, 2014, 12:00 am by Virtronics Reason: 1
Hi, try this link to the latest version v0.99A

The website was transferred to the Arduino team to boost Australian sales. The Free Version now has a 14 day, 150 line limit and 100 sketch trial period. After this time, the Simulator can still be used but an incrementing delay of 30s+ will be activated. The Pro version has no limits.


Does the 150 lines include empty or small lines ( maybe a single bracket ) or libraries?
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Does the 150 lines include empty or small lines ( maybe a single bracket ) or libraries?

I am trying below c code  on  simulator, some of statement like print and println are not working


No, sorry, the 150 lines is the number of lines in the file and include blank lines and brackets. Most library files are usually over 150 lines (ie not sure about this).  So the limits are 14  days, 200 sketch loads (not 100) and 150 lines. After this time, the Simulator will still run but there will be a 30 second incrementing timer. We plan to increase the trial limits as more users come on board and as the bug count goes down.

With the Spa.c, file this is protect so we cannot download it. Also, these are straight C files which the Simulator could simulator with some minor changes - ie no setup( ) or loop( ) but a main( ) routine. Thanks for the idea. If you could email the spa.c file to us at support@virtronics.com.au , we can look into this. Thanks


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