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Hi everybody,
I'm new with Arduino IDE and i would like to develop a digital barometer with the MPL3115A2 Freescale pressure sensor. This sensor is I2c communication protocol based, but i can't make it communicate with my Arduino Uno r3 easily. I try to modify the library provided by the ADAFRUIT group, which is been used for a similar I2C pressure sensor (the MPL115A2), but without any results.
Can you help me to make it run??

More info for the MPL3115A2 sensor you can find at:

Thank you all for your help.

Really appreciate!


Without a schematic and your modified source we are going to have difficulty helping you.


thank you for your soon answer!
I try to understand the MPL115A2 library, but i haven't modify it yet because I haven't understand it very well. I've been trying to modify those equipped by ADAFRUIT to its sensor. The library files are attached in the zip file. Can You help me?
I'm keep working on it, to get any kind of brilliant idea or solution.


Is the problem due to connection issues between Arduino and sensor or is it software related. How have you got the sensor wired up to your Arduino?


the problem is software related, because I don't know how to make Arduino and the sensor communicate each other. I'm trying to understand the sensor's Application Note (got it from Freescale website, and post before in this discussion), but it's really hard to understand to me, because I'm really new with this technology. I've connected the sensor to pin A4(SDA) and A5(SCL) of Arduino Uno r3, using the right Pu resistor and the correct capacitors (as wrote in the sensor datasheet). Now I've to fight with the code!  =(

Thank You for your support!

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