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I am trying to create a project in the Atmel Studio 7 for the ATtiny85 chip from a sketch I created using the Arduino IDE.

I created a very simple Blink sketch (I called it BlinkTiny) using the Arduino IDE.
I installed the ATtinyCore Board (by Spence Konde) in the Arduino IDE. (ATtiny25/45/85 Board)
The sketch compiles, uploads and runs fine in the ATtiny85 chip.


I try to create a new project in the Atmel Studio 7 from the BlinkTiny sketch I just created
("Create project from Arduino Sketch").

The ATtiny25/45/85 board shows on the list of boards (with device ATtiny85),
but it seems that the Atmel Studio will not accept it.

I get a message saying:

"The device architecture is not valid. Atmel Studio doesn't support this board/device combination".

Any Ideas??


Having the same issue. Anybody solved this?



I tried the same with no success (to my big disappointment).

Interesting reading how people make it work (2013):


Well, it did not work for me.

The solution: in your Arduino sketch use Arduino Gemma ( based on attiny85, it comes preinstalled with Arduino 1.8.x) instead of custom attiny85  core.  Atmel Studio 7 will easily import those sketches.

One thing to keep in mind. I noticed that Arduino delay(xxx) behaved incorrectly with the stock attiny85 (internal 8 MHz clock,the  fuse CKDIV8 is set, i.e. the actual freq is 1 MHz). Attempts do define different F_CPU (to reflect the actual frequency) did not help (because I assume it was overwritten by some other define during preprocessing/compilation), I had to disable the divider by changing the aforementioned fuse and now everything works as expected.

I hope this helps.

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