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Hi every body

this my first topic to me on Arduino forum , and I hope to be useful to you

I prepared this video to show you how to convert INO and PDE to hex file .


and this is the full tutorial for this video "I know it's not desired more than video " in arabic


thank you

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The hex file is converted as part of the Verify (Compile) process.

Select File:Prefences, check Verbose output

When you compile the last 2 lines that are displayed are:

Binary sketch size: 8,362 bytes (of a 130,048 byte maximum)

And there's your hex file.
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thank you CrossRoads , you are right .

any one don't know how to get hex file can return to this simple illustration .
no thing is impossible except that the state of your mind keeps it so...


If you only have an Arduino you can read back the hex file with the AVRDUDE.exe command. See the manual for the details / params.

Be careful as this tool can do a lot you might not intend to do ...
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