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I found out that there are a few Arduino boards with onboard servo and motor controllers such as Lynxmotion BotBoarduino selling for $35.00, Dagu ''Magician'' Dual 0.8A Robot Controller selling for $30.50, and Pololu Orangutan SVP-1284 Robot Controller selling for $100.00. If I want to make a biped robot that needs at least 12 servos, which board should I buy?


An Arduino Uno can control up to 12 servos. You just need a separate power supply for the servos.


While Bajdi is correct, a Arduino UNO can also control 18 Servos using my servo library or 20 Servos using only 4 pins if using my Serial Servo library.

20 Servos 4 pins - total cost - about 60 cents

18 servos using a pin per servo (20 if you had enough pins)

The challenge you will have whatever you decide to do will be supplying power to all of the servos.

Generating the control signals for 20 servos is a piece of cake for an Arduino UNO, it uses less than one percent of the Arduino processing power.

Powering a single servo requires more power than an Arduino can deliver, figure out your power and then worry about the board to use.

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Where can I get the 4017 decade counter from? I found two electronics stores but unless I combine the order with other stuff, I don't want to pay for shipping.


Combine it with the 100 dollars or so worth of batteries and chargers that you will need to drive the 18 servos, they might even throw the 4017's in for free.

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