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Thanks Paulware, I used the nRF24L01 modules and they work perfectly and they're all in a nice package. Now I just have to modify for the code to switch from send to receive based on an input.

You should write a port on using Iteads GSM Module. Its giving me a headache:



I've had good luck with the nRF24L01 modules.  You can get them for less than $4 each on ebay.  Here is a url with some guidance: http://www.atmega128.org/#nRF24L01.  They have good range, low power usage, 100 software selectable channels and can be used as transmitters or receivers.

Not sure I'd quite call it "good range" - I've used 343 and 868MHz devices which are inherently better range (100's of meters line of sight) - 2.4GHz with a PCB aerial can't compete mW for mW with longer wavelengths and a 1/4wave or dipole aerial. (also 2.4G has to compete with WiFi and Microwave ovens).  The high power version is +20dBm which is needed for longer ranges (especially at 2Mb/s :).
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I made a PCB to mount the nRF24L01, but for some reason the prototyping machine connected my MISO and MOSI routes and burnt my module. Now I have to go with XBEE due to time constraints.


I have a bunch of pcbs for the nrf24l01 if you like


Whats the power source for the wrist module going to be , as that will ultimately determine
what sort of RF transmitter / Receivers you can use.

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