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There isn't any relationship between us and Itead Studio, but i saw many pictures and texts in their shop were copied from us.  

Whatever, it's good to have new vendors, more choices for you.


What about that...



Back to topic again for a sec.

Did the ones who've placed orders with ITeadStudio receive confirmation emails from their shop? I only got the pay request via paypal, which was duly fulfilled, but that's it so far. I know that usually ZenCart sends out an email upon completion of an order, for I use it myself. And there don't seem to be any of the 'more excessively celebrated' Chinese holidays right now either.
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There's no Chinese holiday right now but I happen to have been hung by SeeedStudio folks on a PCB service purchase. They didn't reply for 3 days after some rather timely email correspondance. Something going on in ShenZhen? That place is not affected by weather in October.


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Something going on in ShenZhen? That place is not affected by weather in October.

The port of Shenzhen was shut down ahead of Typhoon Megi, which is expected to make landfall this weekend east of Hong Kong, the whole area is pretty much at a standstill, as much as it can be, getting ready for the hit.

Having spent a few typhoons in hong kong this has got to be a bad boy for them to shut the port that far ahead.

It is expected to be one of the biggest to threaten the South China coast in years.

Pretty much anything above a 3 the whole place locks down,schools close, all government closes, public transportation and most businesses close, nothing really moves and you pretty much lock your self at home or a near by bar and ride it out.


I see. I thought Typhoons are more or less in the summers I must have been thinking about floods, which happen every year over summers. The news is pretty intensively covering flood and it seems the southern half of the country is flooded. I was not paying attention to news lately.

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