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Nov 13, 2012, 04:51 am Last Edit: Nov 13, 2012, 05:31 am by Cybernetician Reason: 1
I want to use this library ExtendedDatabaseLibrary in conjunction with the standard Arduino SD library. I explore function like readblock and writeblock in "SD2CARD.cpp" but still i am confuse how to use them.
I really appreciate your suggestions

The read and write handlers which i want to use for SDcard

Code: [Select]
// Uncomment the line appropriate for your platform
#define TABLE_SIZE 512 // Arduino 168 or greater

// The number of demo records that should be created.  This should be less
// than (TABLE_SIZE - sizeof(EDB_Header)) / sizeof(LogEvent).  If it is higher,
// operations will return EDB_OUT_OF_RANGE for all records outside the usable range.

// Arbitrary record definition for this table.  
// This should be modified to reflect your record needs.
struct LogEvent {
 int id;
 int temperature;

// The read and write handlers which i want to use for SDcard
void writer(unsigned long address, byte data)
 //EEPROM.write(address, data);

byte reader(unsigned long address)
 //return EEPROM.read(address);

// Create an EDB object with the appropriate write and read handlers
EDB db(&writer, &reader);

void setup()
 Serial.println("Extended Database Library + Arduino Internal EEPROM Demo");

 db.create(0, TABLE_SIZE, sizeof(logEvent));

 Serial.print("Record Count: "); Serial.println(db.count());

 Serial.println("Creating Records...");
 int recno;
 for (recno = 1; recno <= RECORDS_TO_CREATE; recno++)
   logEvent.id = recno;
   logEvent.temperature = recno * 2;
   db.appendRec(EDB_REC logEvent);

 Serial.print("Record Count: "); Serial.println(db.count());
 for (recno = 1; recno < RECORDS_TO_CREATE; recno++)
   db.readRec(recno, EDB_REC logEvent);
   Serial.print("ID: "); Serial.println(logEvent.id);
   Serial.print("Temp: "); Serial.println(logEvent.temperature);  

void loop()
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