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I would like to start transferring sketches from my Arduino to stand alone Atmel MCUs. I've done lots of googling around about Attiny's, but some things do not ad up. Can you please help:

1) AdaFruit, SparkFun and Atmel are all selling ISP programers with a 6-pin or 10-pin cables dangling from them. Please do not laough, but how do I connect 6-pin cable end to the DIP-8 chip? Do I plug 6-pin cable into Arduino >> take the original chip out of Arduino >> plug Attiny into the place of original chip >> Download program from ISP programmer into the chip?

2) How programing chips work? Is it like when reset pin, on chip to be programmed, is pulled down, than some other pins are used to send instructions? Which pins need to be connected and how? Where can I find more?

3) I read AVRISP manual. Attiny85 and Attiny84 are not listed in a compatibility list. Am I hallucinating? Atmel chips are not compatible with Atmel's programmer?

4) What are the compatibility issues? Do all the programmers work with all the Attiny's or are there problems and exceptions?


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You can use your uno as an programmer.
For example like this:


If you use a programmer you just make the same connections:

The 6 or 10 pin connectors and cable on the programmer are

MOSI - > connect to MOSI on Attiny
MISO - > connect to MiSO on Attiny
RESET -> connect to RESET on Attiny
SCK -> connect to SCK on Attiny

And VCC and GRND

You can find the pins in this cheet sheet



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Thanks. Does anybody know, is AVRISP Mk.II compatible with Attiny84 and Attiny 85?

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