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i have the same problems! I have an arduino mega and also de graphic lcd j12864 and i don't know how to connect them! I downloaded the ug8 library but i think my problem is hardware. I just don't know how to connect the lcd to the arduino.


RST to Digital Pin 5
E to Digital Pin 4
R/W to digital pin 3
RS to digital pin 2

Other pins as described in the datasheet or the controller manual of the ST7920.

Then use:

Code: [Select]
U8GLIB_ST7920_128X64 u8g(4, 3, 2, U8G_PIN_NONE, 5 );

Pin numbers above are only suggestions, you may use any valid digital pin.


thanks. I did what you say, but i still get nothing in the lcd.
I connected the pins as you said, also de vcc and ground, but the lcd didn't turn on.
I'm using the ug8 library and trying to do the example "Hello world"... I still get nothing and i'm getting angry! ja
thanks for your support!


Maybe you can post a picture of your setup, so that we can have a look at it.


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