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If I substitute my custom silkscreen gerber file and then that off instead if the Itead script generated one, should that be OK?

Yes; they silkscreen whatever you send them a Gerber for. Just make sure the Gerber is what you actually want silkscreened :-)

Several people here have been touting the Iteadstudio service, but unreliable delivery is
really really really bad news.

I don't hear unreliable delivery. I hear ITead sending him exactly the boards he sent them files for. He used a script to generate those files without understanding the inputs to that script. Easy mistake to make the first time, and easily corrected once it's hurt you once.

Personally, I edit the CAM file to include the layers I want for the silk screen. I like to have component values included, for example. Works fine for me. The CAM processor files are really quite easy to work with in Eagle -- as long as you know that that's what you're doing (and need to do.)

That's defending ITead -- they are affordable, and I find them easy to work with. However, if you don't pay the $28 for DHL, shipping is slow, and the boards, while functional, and not top of the line quality. If you want high-quality boards, still at a hobbyist-friendly price, use http://oshpark.com/ (dorkbotpdx/laen.)


I don't hear unreliable delivery.

Ok, my misunderstanding.


I too wouldnt say unreliable...

I think is VERY reliable.. (takes long every time)  LOL..

it always takes around 3-4 weeks.. if they are not back-up due to being closed for a holiday or anything.

they also post what files they want/use for their gerber needs:

Gerber file requirement: (The following layers are needed)

Top layer:  pcbname.GTL

Bottom layer:   pcbname.GBL

Solder Stop Mask top: pcbname.GTS

Solder Stop Mask Bottompcbname.GBS

Silk Top:  pcbname.GTO

Silk Bottom: pcbname.GBO

NC Drill: pcbname.TXT

Just use a gerber preview app to make sure your .GTO/.GBO files are what YOU expect them to be.

I have use viewplot before to look at my gerber files before sending.

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