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Hii,i am trying to interface arduino DUE with gsm sim300 but i am facing problem in getting message on my mobile i.e the phone number that i provided in my program .The message is coming on serial monitor of arduino software but the message is not coming on my mobile.The ctrl+z statement is not executing or not working .I think the problem is with Serial.write(0x1A);  statement or some more statement should be added when we are using arduino DUE. I am placing the code below.so give the solution.

int timesTosend=1;
int count=0;
char phone_no[]="xxxxxxxx"; //phone number
void setup()
 Serial.begin(9600);//open serial connection at baud 9600
 Serial.println("AT+CMGF=1"); //set GSM to text mode
void loop()
     Serial.print("Text messsage from Arduino GSM...hello..!!!");
     Serial.write(0x1A); //sends ctrl+z end of message
     Serial.write(0x0D); //carriage return in HEX
     Serial.write(0x0A); //lne feed in HEX


I am placing the code
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I am pretty new to this and having hard time myself connecting Due to SM5100B (GSM).

I think your problem is that whenever you have "Serial" in the code, that refers to the USB connection to your terminal.
If you want to talk to GSM you need to say "Serial1" or whatever Tx/Rx you are connected to?

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